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Woody’s Horse Nutrition Smart Treats

Woody’s Horse Nutrition Smart Treats

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Grain-free, low starch, fiber rich treats for horses

Made with alfalfa and beet pulp base for high palatability.

Contain min 12.5% crude protein, min 0.6% lysine, min 2.5% crude fat, max 24% crude fiber, max 35% ADF, max 45% NDF, max 5% starch, max 7.2% WSC, max 5% ESC, min 0.9%/max 1.2% calcium, min 0.5% phosphorus, min 35 ppm copper, min 0.3 ppm selenium, min 100 ppm zinc, min 1,900 IU/lb vitamin A, min 380 IU/lb vitamin D3, min 110 IU/lb vitamin E.

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